Wednesday, October 30, 2019

An award that my mom won almost 50 years ago

She was  never  interested in the job of a teacher which she was doing in a municipal school in Mumbai. She was rather interested in the medical field. Her father who was a headmaster, ensured that his five daughters also become  teachers just like him. One of them is my Aai!
At that time BSc was the minimum eligibility for the admission to MBBS course. Since Aai had done her DEd after eleventh standard, she could not take admission to medicine. It was not possible for her to complete BSc and then take up medicine due to time and financial constraints. She found the alternative way to fulfill her dream of being a health care professional.  She left her job as a teacher in the municipal school, despite her father's opposition and took admission for nursing on her own.
With a keen interest in the medical field and patient care, Aai while studying at CPR Kolhapur , received the Chief Minister's Award for the best student nurse out of 682 students in the Pune division for the year 1970-71. Throughout my school life, this award had always been a source of inspiration to do well.
In the 80's, radio used to be the big thing for us.  At that time, we used to take great pride in listening to interviews or seminar programs broadcasted from the Ratnagiri Radio station in which Aai would be one of the participants!
During her service as a staff nurse and then matron with the Department of Health, Government of Maharashtra, she worked in many hospitals located in Sindhudurg district. She literally dedicated her life taking care of the patients with great love.  All the doctors with whom she worked had great faith in her  knowledge, experience and skill. All the love and affection that we received from  people where she worked is a lifelong treasure for all of us.
Today after 16 years of her retirement, she has not yet given up her role as a 'Nurse'. Having survived a heart attack herself she still takes care of my father who is suffering from multiple ailments. All these years she has been a pillar of strength for all the family members needing medical help.
Today while scrolling through my phone picture gallery I came across photograph of her 'Chief Minister Award Certificate' which took me down the memory lane. Love you tons Aai.

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