Friday, December 02, 2011

Teresa and Terrorists!!!

Yesterday at around 7.00 pm I was watching video of flash MOB that took place at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus .The flash mob danced to commemorate the third anniversary of Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, of which CST station too was a target. (Flash mob, a new thing in India, is a concept wherein a sizable group of people of different age groups suddenly break out into a dance at a public place.) On November 27, 2011, a group of around 200 danced to "Rang De Basanti" title track at the CST station.

While I was busy watching the video my 5 year old son came to me asking why these people are dancing at the railway station. I told him about how terrorists attacked Mumbai on 26/11.

At night, while we were at bed, my wife was busy telling him about Mother Teresa. Suddenly my son said...”Yeah...I know who this ‘Teresa’ is...She attacked railway station with gun and killed many people” Horrified with the explanation, my wife asked him from where did he get this information. He pointed finger at me and said “Papa showed me one dance video and told me that ‘Teresa’ attacked railway station!” My wife started wondering how I could tell such a bizarre thing to him! I could not recall any thing which I told him related to Mother Teresa ever. My son kept telling that while watching flash mob video I told him about “Teresa” attacking railway station with gun. I kept denying having said anything like this and at the end my son declared that I have some memory related problem! I was confused and started recalling what exactly I told him. Suddenly I realized what might have happened. While watching video I mentioned about “Terrorists” and later my son thought “Terrorist” and “Teresa” are the same words! 

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